PdfClerk is a desktop software for binding documents into bundles, automatically converting document references to links and applying header and footers derived from metadata.

PdfClerk is developed within the legal industry to create document assemblies for litigation more efficent, with higher quality and more features. The focus is to create standard and efficent workflows that can be reused from case to case.

Main features

  • Automatically detect text that should be converted into links to other documents
  • Advanced headers and footers based on metadata from file names like exhibit number, page numbers etc
  • Easily organize the order of the documents in a binder
  • Links may be formatted with colors and highlighting
  • PdfClerk can process all pleadings and exhibits in a case in one go

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Use cases

Bundle a pleading

PdfClerk will bind a pleading and its exhibits and automatically create links to the exhibits from where they are referenced in the pleading.

Stamp exhibits

PdfClerk can extract exhibit numbers from the file name and insert it as stamps on each of the exhibits - in the format and the page(s) selected, either on the individual documents or in a bundle.

More to come

Have a look at the documentation or an example set of files processed by PdfClerk.