PdfClerk is a secure desktop application that

  • Automatically converts text references to clickable links
  • Creates customizable tables of contents
  • Bundles documents
  • Supports standard workflows to be reused from case to case

Main features

link documents Automatically transform textual references to hyperlinks. Includes a Guided Autolinking mode where links can be reviewed and edited before they are applied.

add headers and footers Add headers with exhibit numbers, dates and other metadata derived from filenames

dynamic graphic stamps Add dynamic configurable graphic stamps with borders, backgrounds and company logos

table of contents Create tailored table of contents automatically or by using Clerk Links

update existing binders Update existing binders with new stamps and bookmarks or update existing links

import and export metadata from Excel Import and export bookmarks and other per document metadata using Excel

configurable presets aka automation Use configurable presets for efficient execution of repeated tasks

fast Superfast ‒ also on the largest document collections

no add-ins No add-ins or special document editing software required. PdfClerk works directly on the pdfs you already have created yourself ‒ or received from the opposing party


Use cases

Links Everywhere

Tired of manually looking up references? Maybe the judge is too. PdfClerk automatically converts references to clickable links in your briefs, case outlines, and other documents. Handy when you prepare, convincing when you present.

Bundle Court Submissions

PdfClerk can bundle court submissions (briefs, motions, pleadings, etc) and their exhibits and automatically create links to the exhibits from where they are referenced.

Individual Files

You can add stamps to individual exhibits, rename all files to fit a pattern and add frontpages to individual documents. Since everything is based on metadata from the document list you can process hundreds of files in one go.

Stamp Exhibits

PdfClerk can extract exhibit numbers from the filename and insert them as stamps on each of the exhibits. Stamps can include graphic elements like borders, solid or transparent backgrounds and company logo.

Build Using Excel

PdfClerk can read and write files and metadata using Microsoft Excel format. This allows binders to be assembled using a powerful tool familiar to most people.

Update Existing Binders

PdfClerk can update existing binders with headers & footers and bookmarks based on metadata from existing bookmarks or Excel. PdfClerk can split a binder based on its bookmarks.


Use Clerk Links to create fully customizable clickable tables of contents for all the documents in a case, ‒ or just for the ones that matter. The table of contents is based on customizable Word or HTML templates.

Transform Links

PdfClerk can update links in existing binders to target other locations or transform links from one link type to another.


PdfClerk is highly customizable and can create all kinds of hyperlinked document sets: court bibles, litigation bundles, transaction bibles, due diligence reports, agreement sets, compliance documentation and other document collections.

More information

Have a look at the videos, the guides, the documentation or the example documents processed by PdfClerk.

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