Example documents

This page shows example files created by PdfClerk. For each example the resulting document(s) is presented together with the source files and the configuration files.

Note that you have to unzip the .zip archives for the links between pdf files to work.

Creating bundles

Merge documents into a binder. Add features like table of contents, header and footers, and bookmarks.

Binder with bookmarks

Simple binder with the name of the files (without the extension) as bookmarks for navigation and page numbers at the bottom of each page.

Binder with bookmarks.pdf     Complete example

Binder with table of contents and stamps

Binder with table of contents, bookmarks and page numbers. Document name and file name as stamps. To enable double-sided printing, each document starts on an even page.

Binder with TOC etc.pdf     Complete example

Folder structure

Example showing how PdfClerk can use a folder structure with documents to organize a document bundle with a table of contents. The folder names are stamped top left on each page.

Binder from folder structure.pdf     Complete example

Separation sheets

Example using colored separation sheets with a heading in front of each document. Exhibit numbers are stamped on each document (but not on the separation sheet).

Separation sheets.pdf     Complete example

Dynamic stamps

Example showing how PdfClerk can use stamps based on document metadata. The example shows configurable graphics and control features to determine on which documents and pages the stamps should be used.

Dynamic stamps.pdf     Complete example

Attachment binder

Example showing how documents can be added to the binder as attachments instead of being merged. The exhibits numbers are read and parsed using the Metadata Extraction function.

Attachment binder.pdf     Complete example

Autolink examples

Motion to Dismiss

A Motion to Dismiss where the references to the exhibits are automatically transformed into hyperlinks using the Autolink function. In the example PdfClerk automatically converts paragraph numbers to the correct page number by analyzing the document. Some of the references have multiple page or paragraph numbers. The motion is bundled together with the exhibits. See also the preset Paragraph Search.

Motion to dismiss.pdf     Complete example

Documentation bundle

Documentation bundle with textual references in the first document converted into links using Autolink.

Documentation bundle.pdf     Complete example

Norwegian civil litigation documents

Here are some example files to demonstrate how to use PdfClerk to bundle, link and present Norwegian civil litigation documents.

Link & bundle a pleading with its exhibits

Bundles a pleading with its exhibits and transforms references to pleadings in the text of the pleading into clickable links using the Autolink feature. Exhibits are stamped using the configurable “Dynamic border” stamp & exhibits numbers are read from the filename of the exhibits.

Linked pleading.pdf     Complete example

Link & bundle all submissions in a case into one bundle

Bundles and creates links between all the documents in a case. The case consists of multiple

Entire case in one binder.pdf     Complete example

Table of contents

Table of contents linking to separate files

Create a clickable table of contents as a separate file. The table of contents links to documents provided as separate files. In addition to the filename, the table of contents includes the date of the document and the exhibit number. The data is provided from an Excel sheet using the function Create Index. The format of the table contents is defined by a word template.

TOC linking to separate files.pdf     Complete example

Create binders using Excel

Build binder based on Excel document list

Merges documents based on data from an Excel workbook. In addition to the file names the Excel sheet contains additional metadata that is used as stamps and bookmarks and in a table of contents. To run the example:

  1. Copy the provided TOC template to the PdfClerk templates folder (default location is Documents/PdfClerk/Templates/)
  2. Start PdfClerk using the provided config file
  3. Load the data from Excel using the Load & Save tab and Load from Excel workbook and select the provided file “emails.xlsx”
  4. Select the provided TOC template in the Settings tab
  5. Press Generate

Binder created with data from Excel.pdf     Complete example